National Forging Tool Database

The National Forging Tooling Database (NFTD)


The National Forging Tooling Database (NFTD) is available for use by FIA members! Companies with tooling within the NFTD increase their chances of receiving forging orders, during both stable and turbulent economic times.


As U.S. Department of Defense weapon systems go out of production, the acquisition of forged parts becomes more difficult because supply chain information disintegrates, especially with respect to tooling. Additionally some weapon systems are being kept in service much longer than originally intended. As this happens forgings designed to last the life of the weapon have to be replaced and the location of tools to make the forged parts becomes lost.


The solution to this problem was the development and deployment of the National Forging Tooling Database (NFTD). This was a collaborative effort between The University of Toledo, IHS, the Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium (FDMC), and Plex Systems. IHS has added NFTD to the Haystack Gold parts and logistics management solution, by linking over 350,000 tooling numbers in the NFTD with Haystack's extensive parts and logistics data, including manufacturer's part numbers and National Stock Numbers (NSNs). IHS provides the "Upload Tool" to automate data uploads from your forge into the NFTD. Monthly uploads are recommended to keep your tooling lists fresh. Presently the NFTD team is developing an Email Alert System to notify forges when the government is procuring parts with forgings produced by your forge. If your forging dies are associated with National Stock Numbers, you will receive an automatic email alerting you of this business opportunity. Who wouldn't want to know that business is coming their way, sooner rather than later?


To learn more about IHS Haystack Gold, or to Upload Tooling and enroll in the Email Alert System, contact Ms. Vicki Knauf of IHS, at, or by phone at +1 (636) 896-4058.


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For other questions regarding the NFTD and other business opportunities within Department of Defense Forging Supply Chains, contact Jon Tirpak at 1-843-760-4346 OR